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Men’s Arcade
Coaching Bootcamp

Men’s Arcade Coaching Bootcamp is a 10-week coaching program for visionary men with a strong desire to fulfil their life’s purpose, crush their personal goals, massively upgrade the quality of their lives and work, radically catalyze their growth and achieve rapid results in this decade

This coaching program is hosted by IMMERSE Coaching Company, a tech-driven 45,000+ member-strong global community across 99 countries where we deliver personal transformation experiences, equipping members into visionaries, thought-leaders and changemakers.





This newly launched coaching program is an energetic gathering of the most inspirational leaders, voices and speakers. Debola Deji-Kurunmi, our Founder and our brilliant Guest Mentors will be sharing transformational insights that shape human potential and empower men to step into a life of meaning, contribution and wealth are ready to guide you.



Men's Arcade Coaching Program

Mentoring Sessions

Experience a transformation in your mind, and ultimately in your life as you listen to our outstanding line up of guest mentors at the Coaching Program covering a well-selected array of personal transformation insights to rapidly move you into higher results in your life and work.

Sessions Replay

We know that it takes conscious immersion in learning to change your outcomes because you have to hear some things repeatedly before you start to move toward life application. This is why you’d have continued access to all Mentoring Session Replays, long after the live mentoring sessions. If you miss any of the live sessions, you won’t miss a thing with the Replays.

Compelling Connections

Your Visionary journey doesn't have to be lonely and we strongly believe in the power of Community. Meet, network and connect with a diverse and amazing community of leaders, thinkers and doers in this Bootcamp.

Access to our
Learning Community

You’d get the opportunity to experience the power of an exponential community of other super-achievers like you, to help you fast-track your growth as you interact with the right courses and resources available to you on our learning platform.


You’d thoroughly love the memories we’d help you build at the Men’s Arcade Coaching Bootcamp, from the learning reviews, fun games, amidst others. We don't just want you to learn, we want to lean into joy!


As you learn from the best-in-class teachers and coaches, you will acquire powerful life skills for leading a life of peace, purpose and prosperity. You’d also discover and develop an accelerated path to your next level of life!


The Curriculum


Ultimate Mindset Re-Engineering

Most people don’t know how their predominant thoughts strongly influence their results and personal growth. We open up Men’s Arcade with this revolutionary module because when you transform your mind, you transform your life! 

Explore the power of your mindsets, belief systems and subconscious conditioning as tools for shifting into success and significance. Learn the strategies for deconstructing limiting thoughts and demolishing negative patterns in your mind! 

Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Founder/CEO, IMMERSE Coaching Company


Finding & Fulfilling your Life's Purpose

The world is in desperate need of leaders, mission-driven thinkers, changemakers and visionaries like you, but it takes a Life of Purpose to create impact for others. We want to walk you through the uncommon path to finding, fueling and fulfilling your Calling.

In this Module, Femi Jacob helps you make the radical shift from hustle and bustle, into the higher life of deploying your gifts and releasing your vision to solve problems, create change and make impact.

Femi Jacobs

Author, Author and Movie Producer


Journey to Financial Freedom

Wealth, prosperity and financial freedom are not exclusive to some; but can be accessed through the power of wisdom, abundance mindsets and empowering financial habits. We want to hand you the tools, thinking and templates for creating wealth.

This Module will challenge you in the most extraordinary ways into an awakening. Learn how your thoughts, habits and actions have been limiting your ability to make, manage and multiply money; then flip the game and get on your journey to financial freedom.

Bankole Williams

CEO, LYDConsulting,
Mind Surgeon


Secrets to Upleveling your Business

We’ve always believed that business is not for boys, because it takes grit and guts to build a business that changes the world, leaves a legacy and creates abundance for you and others.

Work with Mr. Ruthless Execution as he shows you the inner workings of a truly profitable enterprise. In this Module, you’d learn the secrets for upleveling your business and growing your organisation from a big idea into a viable venture. 

Steve Harris

Business Strategist,
Mr. Ruthless Execution


Career Mastery:
Stand Out at Work

The career world is extremely competitive, as the world navigates the implications of disruption, the leverage of technology and the demand for high-value talents today. As a career professional, what stands you out? What puts you in the frontline ahead of contemporaries? What makes you an indispensable part of a forward-thinking organisation?

Join Jimi Tewe, the Career Mastery Guru, as he equips you with the tools for dominating your sphere of influence, transitioning into new career opportunities as well as gaining the cutting-edge competence and skills to distinguish yourself at work.

Jimi Tewe



Succeeding with Love, Relationship & Marriage

Men face enormous demands in navigating their most important relationships, especially when it comes to being with your significant other whether as husband in your marriage, or in a relationship with the woman you love. Loving a woman is sometimes like a full-blown 400-paged science textbook, but there are powerful and effective principles for succeeding with your relationship or marriage.

Fela Durotoye recently celebrated his 20th Wedding Anniversary, and has modelled these principles in the most exceptional ways. Along with his wife, he has taught several thousand on the mystery of love.

In this Locker Room, it’s no-holds-barred, as you learn what it takes to build emotionally healthy and intimate relationships, that can last a lifetime.

Fela Durotoye

Nation Builder, Inspirational
Speaker & Founder GEMSTONE
Leadership Institute


Your Mental Health Toolkit

We all get hit by life, face huge pressures and lose our own way. But where are the safe spaces to walk through challenges, and gain the support that helps us bounce back again? They say men don’t know how to be vulnerable with their pain, and thus, carry backlog of stress for many years.

Dr. Niyi Borire, an award-winning neurologist walks you through this Module and hands you your Mental Health Toolkit, which a robust guide for how to manage challenging experiences, navigate emotional strain and physical stress as well as cultivate stable mental health to achieve your goals in life.

Dr. Niyi Borire

Transformational Speaker,
Change Agent, Amazon
Bestselling Author


The Impeccable Grooming Guide for Men

Your grooming as a man is now a much-needed essential part of your life and success, because perception is truly reality. Beyond a well-curated wardrobe, all the defining details from etiquettes to personal aura, fragrance, self-confidence, hair type and color matching are so crucial!

Regardless of your personality and budget, there are tips and tricks that make you show up with power, presence and poise! Damilola Oluwatoyinbo hands you the full script and you’d love this Module so much!

Damilola Oluwatoyinbo

KingRaiser, Influencer,
Coach and Author


Life, Leadership & Greatness:

In this heartfelt Module delivered in interview style, our Founder, Debola Deji-Kurunmi sits with Olushola Okodugha, exploring a most profound conversation on how men in today’s culture can steward their greatness, sharpen their visionary leadership and take a stand for something that matters in the world.

Amidst many voices and multiple priorities, how do we release our greatness? In the presence of challenges and setbacks, how do we serve the next generation? How do we retain our authenticity while we pursue our desire for prominence? We would also lean into Olushola’s evocative experience as a leader to thousands of young people through a powerful youth movement around the world.

Olushola Okodugha

Creative Director,
Creations Republic

Fela Durotoye

Gemstone Group

Femi Jacobs

Nigerian Actor,
Singer & Speaker


Creative Director,
Creations Republic

Steve Harris


Bankole Williams


Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Immerse Coaching Company

Damilola Oluwatoyinbo

Professional Speaker
and Trainer

Dr. Adeniyi

Neurologist & Neuroscientist
Author & Change Agent

Jimi Tewe

The Jimi Tewe Company


Testimonials & Reviews

The Activation Intensive Program radically activated my life. It began with my mindset and now it has spiralled into my lifestyle. I am embracing my uniqueness and seeking to unleash my super powers. Above all, I'm so persuaded and ready to take on the new challenges that will unfold with my glorious future in God. Thank you DDK!

Femi Alade FEAL

Activation Intensive was a defining moment in my life. The experience was so mind-blowing and transformational. Generally, my mindset has been shifted and set right. I'm really grateful for being a part of this journey. It came at the right time. A big thank you to DDK and the IMMERSE Inner Circle Team.

Saka Olayinka

Activation Intensive gave me clarity on a lot of thing, answered questions I've wanted answers to all my life, untied knots and eased burdens off me . Thank you DDK for literally holding my hand and walking me into this next phase of my life.

Lanre Adewole

Activation Intensive was tailored for me. It has helped me to see what's important. Thanks to DDK's Coaching, I have taken steps to strengthen my relationships. Now, I have full control over my time and I have increased my productivity levels.

Obizue, Ikechukwu Divine

Wow! Activation Intensive initiated a shift in my life, my thinking, my schedules. I have learnt to be a goal getter. I have learnt to review my vision and goals and to put a time frame to them. Activation Intensive really exploded my mind for greatness and exploit.

Alimi Busayo

After listening to the first podcast in Activation Intensive, I couldn't stop. I have never heard anything like it before. Now, I understand that to be a great individual one needs to a have a positive mindset. Thanks to DDK and her team.

Collins Aigbokhaode

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